Top 10 Small Business Attorneys in New York

In this blog post, Top 10 Small Business Attorneys in New York is listed. New York City is a famous place and home to various and plenty of businesses from all over the world. Consequently it has also become the home to many aspiring legal professionals who specialize in different fields. Hiring the correct lawyer is possibly essential to a small business to success when dealing with the complicated legal system.

In order to help with this, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 New York small business attorneys that are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and devoted to their clients.

1. Steven Stark

Steven Stark is one of the top Small Business Attorneys in New York and a seasoned lawyer with more than 30 years of experience who provides legal advice to private businesses and non-profit organizations. His personal experiences as an entrepreneur in Florida and New York contributed to his passion for aiding small businesses. Stark is a very reliable advisor for new and  also well-established businesses as a result of his clear communication.

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2. Neil Gandhi

Neil Gandhi is a corporate attorney with 12 years of experience, with a focus on securities and finance. Gandhi holds licenses in both New York and New Jersey which has been very important in helping fledgling businesses get past legal roadblocks. His position as chief legal officer at shows his dedication to helping developing online companies as well. This makes him one of the best Small Business Attorneys in New York.

3. Jake Siciliano

Jake Siciliano is an attorney who specializes in corporate and international trademark law as well making him one of the best Small Business Attorneys in New York. He attended Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Siciliano has only been employed for five years where his clients have praised him very well for his professionalism and efficiency. He is a great advisor for small businesses who are seeking to protect their intellectual property rights as a result of his expertise with trademark issues.

4. Joshua Soloway

Joshua Soloway has experience in both investment banking and entrepreneurship. This gives him a unique perspective on corporate law. Soloway provides clients with advice on corporate finance, securities, and capital raising in his capacity as Managing Director of Soloway Group, PC Counselors at Law. His all-inclusive method of providing legal counsel guarantees that companies get advice catered to their particular requirements.

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5.Richard Gora

Richard Gora is a highly sought-after attorney for business litigation matters due to his vast experience defending cases in both state and federal courts. Gora focuses on business counsel, employment litigation, and securities litigation. His successful track record in handling intricate legal matters speaks for itself.

6. Conor Teevan

Conor Teevan distinguishes himself by offering exceptional legal expertise at a cost that small and startup businesses can afford. Teevan has a wealth of experience and has previously represented real estate investors and Silicon Valley startups. His considerate strategy and amiable disposition make him a top option for business owners looking for legal advice.

7. Umar Farooq

Umar Farooq serves both small and large corporations with his focus on corporate legal matters, which includes managing business operations and commercial contracts. His background in defending large, international companies like ExxonMobil and Vodafone highlights his skill in managing intricate legal matters.

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8. Daniel Weberman

Daniel Weberman is a great resource for entrepreneurs in New York because of his experience in startup consulting and business-related legal work. Weberman offers specialized legal solutions to meet the needs of his clients, especially in co-founder agreements and business formation, thanks to his extensive understanding of startup dynamics.

9. Eric Broad

Eric Broad is the CEO and founder of Bowery Legal where he oversees a group of venture capital and startup attorneys committed to offering entrepreneurs all-encompassing legal support. With ten years of experience, Broad’s firm helps new founders navigate the complexities of business law by providing them with dependable counsel.

10. Sam Sutherland

Sam Sutherland bases his approach to legal advice on organizing concepts to safeguard clients’ interests while guaranteeing viability and economy. His ability to communicate clearly and his dedication to achieving outcomes make him a top option for companies looking for trustworthy legal counsel.

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In summary, each of the ten best small business attorneys in New York represents the highest caliber of legal representation and offers a distinct blend of expertise and experience. Whether you’re an established business with complicated legal issues to resolve or a startup in need of formation assistance, these lawyers are qualified to meet your needs and assist your business ventures within the dynamic business community of New York City.

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