10 Best New York Law Firms- Internship and Jobs

10 Best New York Law Firms are described in this blog post focusing mainly on the reputation they have, internship programs they offer and career prospects. New York City is often called the legal capital of the world. The city has plenty of prestigious law firms that are the dream firm to obtain internships or jobs for aspiring legal professionals.

1. Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP

Searching for an attorney’s firm where you can practice law? Legal enthusiasts are fond of Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP, which has been named #1 in the Vault Law 100. This firm was established in 1819 and has its main office in New York City. It also has offices in London and Washington, D.C. It is known for its high-quality work. Cravath provides a special work rotation system which motivates associates to undertake significant responsibilities and close mentoring.

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2. Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz is one of the Best New York Law Firms and is also a very renowned and highly respected legal firm in New York City which specializes in M&A transactions. The firm, although  being small in size, is able to attract passionate legal professionals with its mutually beneficial atmosphere and above-market wages.

3. Skadden

Skadden is a popular international legal firm specializing in an extensive spectrum of practice areas which includes tax law and M&A. Skadden gives associates a great deal of opportunities to work on difficult cases and develop from an extensive alumni network. All thanks to the firm’s nearly 1,700 attorneys extended across multiple U.S. and international offices.

4. Latham & Watkins

Global leader Latham & Watkins has a staff of over 3,000 attorneys spread over 14 different countries. The firm has a reputation for offering an enormous amount of training and support, and this attracts top talent who prefer liberty to shape their legal careers while offering clients with the best resources accessible globally.

best new york law firms

5. Sullivan & Cromwell LLP

Since Sullivan & Cromwell adopts a generalist stance, its lawyers are able to specialize in a wide range of sectors and clients. With a staff of over 800 lawyers spread across eight nations, the law firm places an enormous value on career guidance and mentoring in order to provide associates an encouraging work atmosphere where they can take on cutting-edge legal cases. This is shy Sullivan & Cromwell LLP is one of theBest New York Law Firms.

6. Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP

Davis Polk is one of the Best New York Law Firms and also the oldest legal firms in New York that has offices in several of the best places worldwide and are especially good at corporate, litigation, and tax law. Associates are given the opportunity to concentrate on client service and career development by the firm’s central staffing.

7. Kirkland & Ellis

Kirkland & Ellis is a well-known company that provides talented individuals with excellent job possibilities and training. With its extensive curriculum and highly esteemed reputation, Kirkland offers associates promising careers in the legal sector.

best new york law firms

8. Simpson Thacher

Simpson Thacher is a prestigious corporate law firm and a great place for aspiring corporate lawyers making it one of the Best New York Law Firms. With the goal to encourage success among its attorneys, the firm’s supportive environment sets an emphasis on professional growth and mentoring.

9. Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP

Paul Weiss was founded in 1875 and now has nine offices around the world with nearly one thousand attorneys. The firm is good at public M&A, white-collar defense, and litigation. It attracts associates from a variety of backgrounds.

10. Gibson Dunn

Gibson Dunn is one of the Best New York Law Firms and a leading legal firm that offers numerous opportunities for pro bono work and flexible work schedules. The firm has 20 global offices and impressive practice areas that is one of the reasons it draws ambitious people who want to thrive.

best new york law firms

Internship and Job Opportunities

Aspiring attorneys are able to obtain invaluable knowledge through internships and jobs that are provided by every single one of these top New York law firms. An average internship could consist of case investigations, legal research, document drafting, client and expert meetings, and more. In addition, with the objective to help associates achieve success in their legal careers, these firms offer intensive training, mentorship, and support.


To sum up, the 10 law firms in New York City that are mentioned in this blog are the peak of legal excellence and provide aspiring legal professionals with unmatched internship and employment opportunities. These firms provide an ideal environment to further develop your legal abilities and improve your career in the legal sector, no matter your preference in corporate law, litigation, or public interest work.

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