10 Best Immigration Law Firm in Texas

Immigration laws are becoming harder to understand in a world where borders are becoming more fluid. There are many law firms that focus on immigration law in Texas. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 immigration law firms in Texas based on reputation and client satisfaction to help you sort through your options.

Location: Dallas

Expertise: Porter Legal Group helps in family-based immigration, employment-based immigration and deportation defense. They provide specific legal solutions based on the particular circumstances of each client making it one of the best Immigration Law Firm in Texas.

– Client Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is high as a result of the firm’s professionalism, efficiency and also the dedication to getting wanted results.

Best Immigration Law Firm

2. Chavez & Valko

– Location: North Dallas

– Expertise: Chavez & Valko is one of the best Immigration Law Firm in Texas and helps in complex visa applications, asylum cases as well as federal litigation. The firm has many years of experience as well in immigration law. Their lawyers are known for their ability to handle complex legal matters.

– Client Satisfaction: Customers admire the firm’s commitment to providing sensitive and successful legal counsel.

3. Law Office of Jessie M Thomas

– Location: Dallas

– Expertise: The Law Office of Jessie M. Thomas offers immigration services like citizenship petitions and family immigration. Jesse M. Thomas is a very well-known lawyer who has helped clients to succeed by her thorough planning of cases and her commitment to helping. This is why Law Office of Jessie M. Thomas is one of the best Immigration Law Firm in Texas

Best Immigration Law Firm

– Client Satisfaction: Attorney Thomas is praised by her clients for her competence in immigration law and accessibility. Her willingness to go above and beyond to meet their legal needs is what set her apart and her personalized approach is greatly appreciated by her client.

4. Martin Immigration Law

– Location: Downtown Dallas

– Expertise: Martin Immigration Law is one of the best Immigration Law Firm in Texas and also an expert in business immigration, investor visas and employment-based immigration. Their team of lawyers is very well-versed in immigration law and does the best to make the application process as simple as possible for their clients.

– Client Satisfaction: The firm’s ability to handle complex immigration laws is praised by clients. The lawyers at Martin Immigration Law are renowned for taking an active stance and helping clients receive favorable results.

5. Law Office of Andrea W. Kelly

– Location: Dallas

– Expertise: Immigration services provided by the Law Office of Andrea W. Kelly include removal defense, naturalization and family-based immigration. Immigration lawyer Andrea W. Kelly is known for her kind demeanor and her skill at guiding clients through the legal system making it one of the best Immigration Law Firm in Texas.

Best Immigration Law Firm

– Client Satisfaction: Attorney Kelly’s professionalism, responsiveness, and knowledge are acknowledged by her clients. They value the firm’s dedication to assisting its clients attain favorable results as well as the personal care they receive.

6. Shuster Law

– Location: Dallas

– Expertise: Shuster Law is also one of the best Immigration Law Firm in Texas which is an immigration law firm that concentrates on family immigration, asylum cases and deportation defense. Their lawyers are known for giving clients from a variety of backgrounds kind and efficient legal representation.

– Client Satisfaction: Customers commend the company for its commitment to meeting their needs and its proficiency in handling tricky immigration matters. The lawyers at Shuster Law are renowned for their professionalism, compassion, and dedication to helping their clients get the results they want.

Best Immigration Law Firm

7. Yegani Law Firm  

– Location: Houston

– Expertise:Yegani Law Firm is a family-based immigration law firm that represents clients in deportation defense, family-based immigration and visa applications. The firm is renowned for its relentless advocacy and specific approach to client representation, and it is led by seasoned immigration lawyer Mana Yegani.

– Client Satisfaction: The firm’s commitment to defending its clients’ rights and interests is valued by them. The Yegani Law Firm has received recognition for its meticulous case preparation and dedication to helping clients achieve their goals.

8. David Swaim & Associates

Location: Dallas

Expertise: Immigration law firm David Swaim & Associates has a long history of excellence, with a focus on family-sponsored immigration, work-based immigration and asylum cases. The attorneys at this firm are skilled litigators and negotiators who put out a lot of effort to get their clients the results they deserve. The firm is also one of the best Immigration Law Firm in Texas.

– Client Satisfaction: Customers praise the company for its ethics and commitment to providing excellent client service. Strong support of immigrants and a dedication to offering top-notch legal representation are two of David Swaim & Associates’ well-known attributes that are praised again and again.

Best Immigration Law Firm

9. Pollak, Hicks & Alhejaj, P.C.

– Location: Dallas

– Expertise: Full-service immigration law firm Pollak, Hicks & Alhejaj, P.C. provides family- and employment-based immigration as well as deportation defense which makes them one of the best Immigration Law Firm in Texas. The firm offers strategic legal solutions that are specific to meet the needs of each client.

– Client Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction with the firm is credited to its skilled lawyers and effective case management. Pollak, Hicks & Alhejaj, P.C. is known for its accomplishments in immigration law as well as its dedication to excellence.

10. Sumner Immigration Law

– Location: Richmond

– Expertise: Sumner Immigration Law provides a wide range of services, such as employment-based immigration, family immigration and investor visas, with a sole concentration on immigration law. The practice which is  headed by attorney Emily Sumner is known for its personalized approach and dedication to client happiness making it one of the best Immigration Law Firm in Texas.

-Client Satisfaction: Customers value the firm’s diligence, accuracy and open communication during the legal process. Sumner Immigration Law is admired for its skillful handling of complex immigration matters and its empathetic advocacy.

Best Immigration Law Firm

In conclusion, best Immigration Law Firm in Texas stand out for their knowledge, devotion, and attention to clients’ interests when it comes to negotiating the complexities of immigration law in Texas. You can rely on these companies to give you the direction and encouragement you need to reach your objectives, regardless of whether you need help with business, family, or work visa issues.

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